Code of ethics

Carreira+ is a technology company focused on its growth within ethical principles and the satisfaction of its clients and peer institutions. It consistently seeks to maintain a solid reputation while being aware of its social and environmental responsibilities. Its activities are guided by integrity, trust, and loyalty, with a strong emphasis on respecting and valuing every individual’s privacy, individuality, and dignity, without any form of prejudice or discrimination.

The purpose of this Code of Ethics is to address issues related to: (i) compliance with rules of conduct in the workplace, without distinction of hierarchy, areas, or functions; (ii) ensuring transparency in all operations; (iii) ensuring the safety of professionals involved in its activities; and (iv) safeguarding the confidentiality and security of information that requires protection through confidentiality.

This Code of Ethics encompasses guidelines for conduct based on ethical and moral standards, serving as a reference for the behavior of all employees, both internal and external. It applies to every member of Carreira+’s workforce, including service providers, suppliers, and business partners associated with the institution, in the performance of their roles.

This Code of Ethics will be publicly available on the Company’s WEBSITE at for employees to access at any time. The Company’s Legal Representative is responsible for: (i) ensuring compliance with this Code of Ethics; (ii) acquainting new employees with the Code of Ethics and maintaining records of their awareness and agreement; (iii) widely disseminating the Code and its updates to the Company’s workforce, clients, service providers, and suppliers; (iv) addressing questions and ensuring comprehension of its content and application.

5.1. Respect for individuals.

5.2. Social responsibility and citizenship.

5.3. Professional and personal integrity.

5.4. Transparency in processes.

5.5. Pride in working at Carreira+.

5.6. A passion for challenges.

5.7. Gender and race equity.

5.8. Commitment to delivering results.

5.9. Technical expertise.

5.10. Trust and credibility.

5.11. Confidentiality and information security.

Leaders and employees of Carreira+ base their actions on the following principles in their relationships with various sectors of society, ensuring:


6.1.1. Professionalism, trust, and transparency.

6.1.2. The availability of solutions that add value to their clients’ businesses, continually investing in appropriate technologies and improving business strategies.

6.1.3. Valuing and respecting the fulfillment of agreements and contracts, as well as the rights of their clients.

6.1.4. Valuing business opportunities and partnerships built with their clients, aiming for results that benefit society.

6.1.5. Identifying, proposing, and enabling innovative and integrated solutions that reinforce the legitimacy and sustainability of their clients.


6.2.1. Recognizing the role and supporting the activities of regulatory bodies by providing them with relevant and reliable information in a timely manner.


6.3.1. Maintaining a work environment where relationships are based on professionalism, trust, cooperation, integration, respect for individual differences, and courtesy.

6.3.2. Sharing knowledge and experiences to enhance technical expertise, methods, and processes to achieve better overall results for the Company.

6.3.3. Valuing individuals and contributing to their personal, technical, and professional development.

6.3.4. Permanently ensuring the appropriate and economical use of material, technical, and financial resources of the Company.

6.3.5. Preserving and respecting the image, assets, and interests of the Company.

6.3.6. Recognizing and valuing the intellectual capital of the Company and encouraging the emergence of new leadership.

6.3.7. Valuing and promoting individual and collective ethical conduct.


6.4.1. Legality, impartiality, morality, publicity, and efficiency in all actions.

6.4.2. Maintaining a relationship based on mutual respect, preservation, and confidentiality of information relevant to the Company and its clients.

6.4.3. Establishing relationships with suppliers and partners who adhere to ethical standards adopted by Carreira+ and social morals.

6.4.4. Establishing partnerships while preserving the image and interests of Carreira+.

6.4.5. Rejecting contractual provisions that undermine or minimize the dignity, quality of life, and well-being of outsourced employees.


6.5.1. Recognizing the legitimacy and maintaining an ongoing dialogue with legally constituted worker representative institutions, maintaining dialogue channels based on mutual respect, seriousness, responsibility, and transparency in relationships.

6.5.2. Using negotiation as an appropriate instrument to seek integration and convergence.

6.5.3. Complying with the determinations specified in the instruments that regulate the Company’s relationship with its employees.


6.6.1. Establishing fair and balanced relations with the community through the promotion, support, and participation in social responsibility and citizenship actions.

6.6.2. Encouraging, supporting, and participating in government initiatives aimed at social development and poverty reduction.

6.6.3. Promoting socio-cultural and sports initiatives among its employees.

Leaders and employees of Carreira+ must guide their behavior according to this Business Conduct Code, as outlined below.

7.1. Acceptable conduct for Carreira+ leaders and employees:

7.1.1. Preserve and nurture the positive image of the Company.

7.1.2. Trade, within the Company premises, only the products and services owned by and of interest to Carreira+.

7.1.3. Foster conditions conducive to a productive and pleasant working environment.

7.1.4. Treat people and their ideas with dignity and respect.

7.1.5. Act with loyalty, fairness, and frankness in work relationships.

7.1.6. Preserve the well-being of the community, respecting personal characteristics, freedom of opinion, and the privacy of each individual.

7.1.7. Act clearly and loyally in defense of Carreira+’s interests.

7.1.8. Present oneself appropriately for performing their functions and activities in the Company.

7.1.9. Refrain from using internal or external influences to gain personal and functional advantages.

7.1.10. Abstain from using their position, the trust position held, or their status as a Carreira+ employee to gain advantages for themselves or third parties.

7.1.11. Use Carreira+ resources only for Company-related purposes.

7.1.12. Contribute to the proper functioning of the entire Company, refraining from actions and attitudes that hinder, complicate, or disrupt service provision.

7.1.13. Refuse gifts or items with a value exceeding R$ 150.00 (One Hundred and Fifty Brazilian Reais) from individuals and/or legal entities that have business relationships with Carreira+.

7.1.14. Not prepare or present information that reflects positions and economic, financial, operational, logistical, or any other results that affect the Company’s performance.

7.1.15. Prioritize and preserve Carreira+’s interests with clients, governmental bodies, financial institutions, suppliers, entities, and other companies with which Carreira+ has a business relationship.

7.1.16. Be accompanied by another employee, a manager, or a peer when engaging in any relationship with a supplier or partner that may result in a contract meeting Carreira+’s interests or needs.

7.1.17. Give full consent to the guidelines and strategic management when assuming a position of trust in the Company.

7.1.18. Resign from a position of trust for which they have been designated when there is a discrepancy with the Company’s strategic guidelines and directions.

7.2. Unacceptable conduct for Carreira+ leaders and employees:

7.2.1. Claim personal benefits or advantages for themselves or third parties resulting from business or financial relationships entered into on behalf of Carreira+ with clients, governmental bodies, financial institutions, suppliers, entities, and other companies with which Carreira+ has such relationships.

7.2.2. Be complicit or passive regarding errors and violations of this Code of Ethics and current legal and regulatory provisions.

7.2.3. Engage in other professional activities during working hours, whether for profit or not, or regardless of schedule compatibility, engage in activities that constitute a detriment or direct or indirect competition with Carreira+’s activities.

7.2.4. Engage in any form of discrimination against individuals based on economic, social, political, religious, color, race, or gender reasons.

7.2.5. Allow persecutions, sympathies, antipathies, caprices, passions, or personal interests to interfere with their professional relationships.

7.2.6. Deliberately harm the reputation of a Company employee or any other professional with whom Carreira+ has a business relationship.

7.2.7. Deliberately harm the reputation of clients, governmental bodies, suppliers, entities, and other companies with which Carreira+ has a business relationship.

7.2.8. Request or receive gifts or advantages of any kind for themselves or third parties, beyond mere insinuation or provocation, in exchange for concessions or privileges of any kind with Carreira+.

7.2.9. Prioritize and preserve personal interests, as well as those of clients, governmental bodies, financial institutions, suppliers, entities, and other companies, to the detriment of Carreira+’s interests.

7.2.10. Gain advantages for themselves or third parties due to privileged access to Carreira+ information, even if it does not harm the Company.

7.2.11. Use for personal benefit or pass on to third parties documents, work, methodologies, products, tools, services, and information owned by Carreira+ or its clients and suppliers, except as required by law or court order.

7.2.12. Speak on behalf of the Company through any public communication means when not authorized or qualified to do so.

7.2.13. Inappropriately and wastefully use the Company’s material, technical, and financial resources.

7.2.14. Impede or hinder the investigation of irregularities committed in the Company.

7.2.15. Alter or misrepresent the content of any document, information, or data under the responsibility of the Company or third parties.

7.2.16. Facilitate actions by third parties that result in harm or damage to the Company.

7.2.17. Create any form of financial confusion between the Company’s assets and their own assets, regardless of any pecuniary benefits from this confusion.

7.2.18. Remain in a position of trust for which they have been designated when there is a discrepancy with the Company’s strategic guidelines and directions.

In cases of doubt regarding the correct course of action to take, employees should seek help sincerely and transparently.

Any situation that may constitute a conflict of interest or facts that could harm the Company or contravene the principles of this Code must be immediately and formally communicated to the Company’s Legal Representative.

The Company ensures confidentiality in handling these matters and a commitment to investigating reported cases.

Situations that are not explicitly described here will be treated as exceptions and referred to the Company’s Legal Representative, who will analyze and decide based on the principles of this Code.
This Code of Ethics reflects Carreira+’s values and culture, and compliance with it demonstrates a commitment to professionalism and transparency in all our actions at work.

Failure to comply with the Code of Ethics may subject employees to disciplinary actions, including possible termination for just cause and legal proceedings.

Everyone who has a direct or indirect relationship with Carreira+ must be aware of and ensure compliance with this Code, having the same ethical commitments, regardless of their position.

The failure to observe any of the practices and/or procedures described here may affect the credibility of Carreira+’s institutional image with clients, the market, supervisory and regulatory bodies, the government, and society at large.

This Code comes into effect as of the date of its disclosure.